Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hidden walkway
The Musee de la Vie romanique

A seat in the garden
The old building(1830)was located between modern day buildings, just a couple blocks from our apt.

View from the greenhouse/cafe

In the greenhouse, we found expresso, cafe latte, a tasty apple tart  and a chocolate confection that was to die for. Every thing tasted so good, we came back for more
old fashioned candies by Angelina

The Museum of Romantic Life
Stands at the foot of Montmartre hill in the 9th arrondissement of Paris
16 Rue Chaptal, Paris, France

        It's collection includes: numerous mementos of the literary figure George Sand, 
Ary Scheffer, and his contemporaries 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just returned from Paris !

"My cousin's rock" France May 2016
After a long flight, with a 2 hour lay over in Copenhagen, we arrive at our destination, and caught a taxi to our rented apt in Paris. Our wonderful host(Patrick) met us at the door, and together we climbed 6 flights of stairs to get to this wonderful view
View from our apt (with filters applied)

Nigh time shot

Early morning! Time for coffee and exploring

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From my desk

Bedside table

Wasn't always a lover of antiques, primitives, or used furniture... I didn't really have any idea of what my style was. When I was growing up, if something became worn out, we threw it away. Through the years I have developed an "eye" for the things I like, and love to search junk sales and estate sales for treasures.  I used to buy, buy...(quite the the gluttonous consumer) but, now I want things that can be used in my everyday life or repurposed. 

A friend gave me this chair and ottoman. She had it kicking around her home, for years. when she moved, she asked me if I wanted them. I grabbed em!

Dated and worn upholstery

My plan is to make is to make look like this.

I have a similar chair on my Country French  Board on Pinterest.

I probably will not start work in it until late May or early June. I will need to pick out paint for the wood, and a durable, and beautiful fabric. No flowers! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Garden Planning


vegetable garden
We  are ready to go, thanks to my son, he has conquered the weeds, and turned over the soil.
Needs some amending with chicken manure 

Peach tree 
This is just the beginning, as I will be moving the herb garden to a shadier part of the yard, and moving my tomatoes to some different locations ( a couple plants will go in the front courtyard)
Remnants of herb garden(fennel, mint)

Spring is here!

Dear Spike is playing it cool, almost looks like he is roosting  on dirt filled pot...just waiting to see what I do next....
cleaning out all the weeds in the inner courtyard

Entry from the street, to courtyard 

Remnants of what was a lovely garden
The front of the property looks like a meadow, my poppies return every year, such a happy sight

My most recent purchase is a olive tree. The 50 year old guava tree that was the  center piece for my mother in law"s original "mound" in front of the courtyard, finally succumbed to the drought conditions.

In 2014, weed control mat, gravel, and the existing river rock was applied to the "mound" and the inner court yard (lawn) Obviously, it did not do well at all...after the rain, everything bloomed! I have weeds that I have never seen before.