Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Past, the Present and the Future

When I find a old and worn piece of furniture, I often think to myself, "If this piece could only talk" I can sense that someone cared enough about  it to hold on to it, it may have been a a very useful part of some one's life, and then passed on to other members in the family.This interest in the past has inspired me to "dig "into my family's past, find my roots. I have been searching for quite a few years now, and recently joined forces with my sister and brother to piece it all together like giant jig saw. My daughter was a teenager when I started, stated. " I don't know how you can get excited about alot of dead people".I had just "hit pay dirt" researching my husband's southern roots and found a cousin, to boot! Iwas so excited I wanted to share the information with everyone. It is rather ironic, I chuckle  at the memory, thinking, "You will appreciate this someday". Just recently, she was researching a college course, and needed information about the family, she knew just who to come to. It is very clear to me that  I am a caregiver of the past, it has impacted me personally, and enriched my life, and, as with junking and antiquing , I continue to search for the next great find

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  1. Hey Kath,

    What an absolute delight to follow along with your "charming" blog....

    Lorraine and I share one as well...Stop by sometime...

    Lv, Hugs & Blessings,