Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

It's wonderful to be off work, and have some days to relax, recharge and get creative! The weather is beautiful, it seems like the mid west has stolen our 3 digit  days...I haven't been running the AC until mid afternoon, and then with in hours, a delta breeze cools us off, and the doors and windows open. The flower garden loves the cooler summer. The vegetables  are just starting to produce tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plant, tomatillos, and peppers, sweet and hot.
These look like little green lanterns

Romas playing peak a boo
I just love eating the fruit of my labor..see my favorite recipe for Egg plant

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  1. Hello Kathy,
    Your garden sounds wonderful. The weather has been beautiful this summer. Enjoy the fruit of your labor, hummmmm. Love the garden fresh veggies! sandi