Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's been a long time since I have blogged. A full time job, plus a part time business equals no time to blog. One of my reasons for this visit was to close down the site. That is until I saw my numbers from last month. 81 hits for a blog with old news....It made me think that I need to utilize the site, change it up, relaunch. I have always loved the name of the blog,but if given a choice today I would make it much simpler,some thing easy to remember and in English. I named my blog something in the French language when I don't speak the language, how pretentious! Any way I am stuck with it! 

Some good news ! Closed my shop and have trip to the UK and France in May.
I will blog my way across France.

I saw this darling little cottage in my travels this am. They were having a "cottage sale" so I took some shots. 

white gate and a pink door

Love the copper rooster

small rustic studio

tiny stove

creeping fig and something else

Nothing captured my fancy, bye for now 

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